According to earlier news, a lot of top global websites secretly do CPU mining. This is a theft of user computer resources and Google said Chrome will block it.

Chrome Will Block CPU Mining

Google engineers said they will launch a new browser update, which will completely eliminate entrance points on the browser. Without the user permission, no one will be able to consume equipment resources.  

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In addition, Google engineers also revealed some of the ways to eliminate the stealing CPU mining behavior. If your CPU occupancy rate suddenly increases to a high proportion at a certain time, the page will be forced into a new mode, and the browser will have a window prompt, and let you manually close the page.  The exceptionally high CPU occupancy rate can be a sign of some illegal behavior.

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It is understood that in the 10,000 pages of Alexa, 2.2% are using implied mining procedures, that is, 220 sites, accounting for about 500 million computers. These mining codes point to CoinHive, JSEcoin accumulating a total of $ 43,000 in revenue. Previously, Pirate Bay admitted that it was mining in the test page. The purpose was to consider to replace the advertising revenue.



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