Personally, I am not a football fan. But, unlike me, most of my peers are. Football is a captivating game. It is so fun filled and adventurous. For football fans, merely watching the game is not enough. They want more. That’s why I thought I would make a list of football blogs to follow!

Football Blogs Worth A Read
football blogs


If you are a Gooner and you want to stay updated with whatever happens at the Emirates Stadium, you should visit this blog every day. As per the creator words, this blog is “a shelter for bloggers and a haven for Arsenal fans”. The blog has around a million approved and published comments since gaining popularity in2008. You can also follow the blog on Twitter @LeGrove.

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The blog lives up to its name. If you want a football fix every day, this is the blog to read. After its third full season, the blog gained a reputation for being a creative hub for aspiring journalists. It covers topics ranging from the Championship to MLS side San Jose Earthquakes.


This blog focuses on the fortunes of League One side Bradford City. It is an independent blog, and it is both informative and educative. The site has news but if you explore further, there are opinion columns. It covers a lot of topics related to football, varying from your kid’s first game to foreign ownership. The creator of this football blog is Jason McKeown who wanted to have a football blog on the pattern of Guardian.

FUTBOLITAfootball blogging

This blog calls itself the female voice of football. It is a great blog to learn about football and fan cultures across South America and Europe. The blog is headed by Ash Hashim, who is a sports journalist famous for her interviews with some very well known Latino football. This football is a lot different from other football blogs, probably because it is run by women.

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This blog was named after the song which fans used to sing for the former Dutch international. A Bergkamp Wonderland is a blog for like-minded people to bond. Attractive features include a famous podcast, a page dedicated that finds a listener in every country recognized by FIFA, and seasonal prediction leagues.


This blog tells the story of the game from a layman’s perspective. The Ball is Round is great for people who rarely watch football. It is run by a group of three authors.


Think you are like Fergie or maybe you think like Mourinho? Fantasy Football First brings you the inside news about who is hot, and who is not. Wondering if a striker from a recently promoted team is worth it or not? Do not worry, this football blog has discussed it already. If you want to keep updated about what’s going on in the football world and stay ahead of everyone, definitely go on this blog!


This blog was created by the fans of Liverpool and, obviously, for the fans of Liverpool. AnfieldHQ is known for its passionate articles, opinionated podcasts, and interactive polls. This football blog has around 55,000 followers on Twitter. It also an award winning blog. It has an interesting feature, called Scout Report, that analyses the strengths and weaknesses of rumored transfer targets. This is very insightful for avid football fans.

TOMWFOOTBALLfootball blogs

It is a personal blog of Tom Williams, who is a sports correspondent based in London for the international news agency called Agence France-Presse. His job is to watch Champions League, Premier League, and England games, so he is pretty much a football expert. You can see the extent of his football knowledge if you see the section ‘Tactics’, where he discusses even the minutest details of the game, which will put most experts to shame. He has an eye for detail.


If you are a devoted Evertonian, this is your blog. It offers the fans of the Toffees a place to argue the club’s plight. This blog is completely autonomous from the football club. It is one of the most appealing English football blog.  It also has a strong social presence, with about 169,000 likes on Facebook and around 50,000 followers on Twitter. They blog also has its own app.


It is not easy to be a Grimsby Town fan. The club relegated from the Football League in 2010. This is where the blog title comes from. One person writes all the posts on this blog. It is a great football blog, full of opinions, interesting interviews, and intuitive statistical analysis. The Mariners might be a non-league team right now, but this blog is sure not!


This blog is the result of the collabortaion of budding writers, interested in sharing their work.  Back Page Football has all the news you need to stay updated. It has opinions and reports on the football world, which are posted every day. The classic designs let you navigate the blog easily. You will not waste time searching and looking.

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If you are into football nostalgia, this blog is the place to be at! Ever reminiscing about the old days of football or looking for something from that time? Well, just go on this blog. It is very different from other football blogs. It also has a collection of things like old jerseys and stickers.


This has been a great blog for Chelsea fans since 2000. It features match reports and news items. It also has some very old news and reports. The blog also has many profiles on former and current players. There is also a vibrant forum which has around 23,000 active members who are willing to talk about Chelsea, 24/7.

Follow these football blogs if you are an avid football fan who likes to analyze every aspect of each game. If you are an inspiring blogger, you can take some cues from these blogs about blogging tips.

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Are you into football blogs? Is there any worth mentioning that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!


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