Looks like there is no end to adding updates and new features to Facebook. The Facebook messenger is getting another major update. After the Messenger Day and Messenger Chatbot, the newest feature to be added to the ever expanding list of functionalities of Facebook Messenger is the embedded extensions of Apple iTunes and Spotify. So you can say that Facebook Messenger gets musical.

Facebook Messenger gets Musical

Now you can share music and playlists with the people you are chatting with directly within the Facebook Messenger App. In the Facebook main app there was an Apple iTunes extension already added and it was a popular feature but as yet Messenger did not have any functionality like this and now we have two options instead of one. The news about this update come through the Google F8.

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developer’s conference being held these days. A number of changes have been done to the Facebook Messenger app, one of them being making the integration of the app with others easier and straight forward. So we can safely say that this is not going to be the only new feature in Messenger. Now that integration is easily possibly a number of other features would soon spring up as many apps would like to be integrated with the Facebook Messenger App that is widely popular and have millions of daily active users across the globe.

There are details about Spotify chat extensions, available in the Spotify blog post. According to the blog, users can search and share songs and playlist on Spotify from the app. When the song is shared with the people in the chat, a preview of thirty seconds will be played within the chat window. If the user clicks it then the chat will be opened in the Spotify app.

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It can be expected that the Apple itunes extension will work in the same way.

What do you think about Facebook Messenger gets musical? Share your views by commenting below.

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