If you have created an amazing website, very really cool graphics, wonderful theme and have valuable and informative content, you would expect it to get hundreds of views and loads of traffic, however the truth is quite on the contrary. You wait and wait to get views but of no avail. There are few views once in a while and on really good days you might even get a couple of hundred clicks but the dream traffic of millions of views per day is non-existent for you even after following all the good web development tactics. Getting high quality backlinks is one way to get traffic to your site and in this article we give details about how you can do it.

This is not a surprising scenario that we have discussed at the beginning of the article. In fact many websites face it. The reason for this is that there is just too much information on the World Wide Web. There are so many websites on each and every topic imaginable, so it has become a really big issue to get traffic to your website. It definitely takes time and patience but it also requires some rigorous work to be done from your side.

Getting High Quality Backlinks

When you have set up your blog or a website, the next step is to promote and market it fiercely. There is no point of an excellent blog with a kick ass content, if it sits there among the heaps of web pages and no one visits it. You need to take the content to the users, instead of waiting for them to come to you. There are several ways of promoting your blog. One very useful way and that comes under the umbrella of SEO is getting high quality backlinks and as many of them as possible.

You must have heard a lot about backlinks if you are in the field related to internet and blogging. Let us begin with defining what backlinks are and then throwing light on their benefits and then more importantly how to get backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

As we all know, the web is a huge repository of interconnected pages. These pages are connected to each other by what are known as links that point to a webpage. Backlinks are the links that point to your blog or websites. The more backlinks you have to your website, the more the chances of getting traffic to your page. So backlinks are just links that point back to your webpage.

Benefits of backlinks


Reaching a website by typing its URL in the browser is the old way to get traffic to your page. Now it is the age of links. We need to get links to our page scattered over the internet so that more and more people can click on the backlinks and there will be more traffic to the page. So the main benefit of the backlinks is to divert traffic towards your blogs. Getting high quality backlinks is a greatly valued practice and are considered as a great SEO practice.

However having fewer but high quality backlinks is more important as compared to having lesser but low quality backlinks.

Getting Low quality vs getting high quality backlinks

If the backlink is from a high authority website that is reputable and well known then the backlink from it, is of high quality. For example links from sites like Huffington post, New York Times or tech crunch. On the other hand if the backlink is from a low quality website that do not have that many users are low quality backlinks. Of course through high quality sites you will get high quality backlinks and from low quality sites you will get low quality backlinks.

So now comes the fundamental question and that is how to get the backlinks. There are some of the  most famous methods to get high quality backlinks. Remember for the method to get high quality backlinks you need to work hard as well as have a lot of patience for the links to start working and bringing in traffic.

How to get high quality backlinks?

High Quality Backlinks through Blog commenting

Getting High Quality Backlinks

Blog commenting is one of the easiest and most widely practiced way in order to get the backlinks. However if you post just your link in the comment without any extra information, you will not get any clicks, in fact your post might not even be approved. The rule for posting a backlink through commenting is that you add something of value to the post and get the backlink in return. First find good websites that allow do follow backlinks to the other sites. Now go to posts that are related to your niche and give a comment that is comprised of few lines like for commenting on a site that is related to blogging if I want to pitch this article about backlinks I will comment as follows.

Hello Will (Always address the blogger with name)

What a lovely article you have written. I especially like the (name of technique) that you have mentioned in your post in order to get the backlinks. I have tried it many times for my posts and always got good results. I have tried techniques B and C too and they are pretty effective. Now I am going to try technique D too on my posts and will update you about the result.

I also wrote an article on my site about backlinks and here is the link to it. There is new method that is not here in your piece and I think it might be useful too.

Keep up the good work, looking forward to such amazing posts from you.


This comment shows that you have read and understood the article on which you are commenting. It shows you value the work and want to add something to it by giving your opinion too. This type of comment might get you a dofollow backlink. To know more about earning backlinks via blog commenting here is a comprehensive guide to it. You can also find a long list of sites that accept do follow links in the article.

Google search is a great way to find the sites in your niche by writing down you target keywords and finding sites related to it. But here is a great tool called Similar Site Searchthat will help you in finding websites and blogs that are similar to your own page.

Getting High Quality Backlinks

When you are trying to find websites to get backlinks from, use two metrics to determine which sites should be considered. Domain authority and domain relevancy. To find out the domain authority use the Moz bar. It is a free SEO Tool which is a must have for the site owners. For domain relevancy get a detailed look on the content of the website.

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High quality backlinks through news articles

Getting High Quality Backlinks

Here is another good tactic to get high quality backlinks. If you have an IT related website or any other niche that has latest news related articles, be it human rights, blogging, movies, fashion, entertainment, current affairs etc. you have a good chance of getting backlinks from high influence sites like Huffington Post, New York Times, Tech crunch, etc. So how do you get them? It is a simple process. Find latest news in your niche. To get the latest news find the big names in your niche. Join their newsletter to get the updates from them. Then join their Twitter and Facebook pages and visit their website often to get the latest news. Another good way is to follow Chinese news sites if you are looking for news related to social media or technology or mobile phones. They leak different news earlier as compared to English sites. www.mydrivers.com and www.ithome.com are two such sites.

Once you find latest news in you niche, write a great article on it. Then quickly write an email to the big news sites and within half an hour you will see the news updated in their site and you getting a backlink to your site as the source of the news. Do check that the news that you are publishing is authentic and of good quality, otherwise they will find a better source to link up to and ignore your site.

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Getting high quality backlinks through broken link building

Getting High Quality Backlinks

This is perhaps the most highly effective method to get the backlinks. You find this method listed in all the major blogging sites like Neil Patel and backlinko. Here is how this method works.

Big sites have thousands of links spread across their pages. Now over the time some these links become dead. There may be many reasons for this. So find top ten sites in your niche. Find their broken links. Now one by one focus on each of these broken links. Write great quality article content that was supposed to be on the pages with broken link and then ask the site owners politely that you have found out some broken link in their site. Also suggest your page as the alternative to the page that was previously linked to it. Having a broken link is bad for the site’s repute and SEO so when you report a broken link in the site you are basically doing them a favor. When you have given an alternative link, it is the natural step that they will update the link to point to your page. Do this with all the broken links from the high ranking sites. Even if you get backlinks from half the sites you are good to go.

In order to follow this method you need a good tool that will tell you about all the broken links in a website. There are a lot of SEO tools available that can tell you about it. Click here to know about the SEO tools.

One good way to find out the backlinks coming to a site is using the Ahrefs tool. You can see the complete list of backlinks in the out bound links.

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The moving Man method for getting high quality backlinks

Getting High Quality Backlinks

The moving man method is the brainchild of Brian Dean, the famous blogger and the founder of www.backlinko.com. So as the owner of such a huge SEO platform is suggesting this backlink strategy, you can safely say that it must work wonders, and it really does.

It is kind of an advanced form of the broken link building method. It aims at finding outdated links that the tools will not be able to find. What this method states is that you look out for brands and blogs that have changed their names. Brands often do that. They change their names or do rebranding as it is formally called. So when they do that, the links that refer back to them get outdated. The links are not actually broken, and usually they will redirect to the newly named after page so tools that find broken links cannot identify them.

You can find such brands and then find the backlinks that are pointing to that page. Then do the same thing as you did in the broken link method. Write to the site owners and politely tell them that the links that they are pointing to are now outdated. You will also give a link to your site where you have written a high quality content related to the article that it was previously pointing too.

The broken link method only finds the broken links but here we are looking for links that can be

  • Changed names
  • Moved to a new URL
  • Stopped offering a service
  • Stopped updating a resource
  • Shut down

Now how find brands that have recently changed their names or have rebrands. Well here again Google will come to your aid. Just log on to Google and search for the rebrands in your niche. For example if your niche is blogging you can search for “rebrands blogging” or for broader search write rebrands as. You can also search for following phrases to find the type of links you are looking for

  • “service not available”
  • “page no longer exists”
  • “this website is no longer updated”
  • “this page is no longer updated”
  • “no longer available”
  • “website closed”
  • “service no longer available”

Remember that the moving man method does not have any tool that can find all the links for you. You need to find them out yourself through a little effort however in the end the effort is well rewarded and you can get valuable backlinks.

For more information about the moving man method you can visit the official article on backlinko here

Getting high quality backlinks through Social Media

Getting High Quality Backlinks

Nowadays it is the time of social media. We can achieve so many things through social media that were once not possible. Getting high quality backlinks through social media is one such feat. There is no end to different ways in which social media can help you promote, circulate and distribute your content and getting high quality backlinks in the process. Write great content and publish it on your social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. Try to circulate your backlink and make it viral through publishing it in related groups and pages. Ask your friends and family personally to share it on their pages too. The social media backlinks, if gone viral can get you thousands of clicks in a day.

Reddit, StumbleUpon and Tmblr are also great platforms where you can publish your content and get backlinks to it. It is good if you have an old and established account on Reddit and StumbleUpon. Then your backlinks will generate a lot of traffic and clicks. You can also get the backlinks to your work using YouTube videos. Videos are a good way to promote your content. Try to hire someone professional to make a colorful video promotion for your content. Adding lots of animations and graphics in the video can greatly increase its attraction. Then within the video give link to your content too.

Using Medium and Quora are also two ways which can help in getting high quality backlinks too your site.

You can know more about content marketing and social media marketing through these guides.

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Getting high quality backlinks through Guest Posting

Getting High Quality Backlinks

Guest posting is one of the oldest and most effective methods of getting backlinks. In guest posting you write for other websites and in return you are getting high quality backlinks to your website. The process involves first finding a good quality website that is accepting guest posts. If you are lucky you can get a spot in the domain authority websites. Through these websites getting high quality backlinks is easy and you can get lots of traffic from even one backlink. If you write great authentic content only then can you get the opportunity to write as a guest poster in a high authority website.

Even when you are writing a guest post for a small website, remember it will represent you and your work. Write 100 percent plagiarism free authentic work. Give lots of value to the reader in the post and use graphs, pictures, videos and other multimedia whenever it is suitable. And write some related post on your own website to that can be linked to the work. Do not over link to your site in the article. Most of the sites will allow to give you maximum two backlinks. One in the article and one in your author’s biography. If your writing is good, even one backlink is enough to get you traffic.

Search Google for “Guest Post Required (niche)” and you can find a number of related websites. Choose the right site. You can check the DA and PA ranking of the site on Alexa before trying to guest post on it. If you are a beginner remember you will not get the opportunity to guest post for copyblogger or moz right away you have to prove your mettle first. Once you have established yourself, only then can you look in the high DA sites for guest posting.

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Buying the backlinks

Getting High Quality Backlinks

One way of getting high quality backlinks is to buy them. However this is very expensive. If you want to buy alone and not work for them then it becomes practically impossible because you are always needing newer backlinks and one backlink from a high authority website like tech crunch or new York times might cost you around 300 to 500 dollars. So if you buy a backlink today, within a week the page where your backlink lie might get old or goes lower in the Google ranking. It becomes very expensive to buy backlinks for money only and do not do any manual work for it.

The better thing is to hire a person for solely getting backlinks to your page. It is a full time job and the person responsible must dedicate all his or her times to it. Then to complement the efforts you can buy some of the links too but buying should never be the only strategy to getting high quality backlinks.

Spying on the competitors for backlinks

Getting High Quality Backlinks

It might sound unethical or wrong but it is not as it sounds. It is completely legal way to find out places from where we can get backlinks. Those who are linking to your competitors would be much more likely to link to your too.

First find top 10 website for each of your target keywords. Now to find the sites that are back linking to it. So for that again use a link finding tool and run on your competitors websites. Ahrefs comes to the rescue. Use the Link Intersect tool to find all the sites that are linking to your competitors. Once you get the results you must spend some time on it and filter out the ones that are less likely to be useful. Then when you are sure you have relevant websites you can start your strategy to build links on them. There are three ways in which you can do it.

  • If the backlink is through a guest post, immediately write to the blog admin for the permission to write another guest post. Send them your best works as the sample.
  • If they have scored the link through directories, you can also get it by submitting your site to the directory an informing the site admin about your content.
  • Thirdly, if you have written something that is much better or more comprehensive than the content of your competitor you can write to the site admin to include your link in place of or in addition to the link of your competitor.

There is a high chance that one of the above methods work and you end up getting high quality backlinks. Even if it does not work right away you get a good insight about what are the ways your competitors are using to get backlinks. You can learn a lot from it.

So these are some of the highly effective ways for getting high quality backlinks. All the big names in the field of SEO emphasize upon using these methods and getting as many backlinks to your work as possible. Backlinks are priceless resources for traffic generation. When you score a backlink from a site with high domain authority you are sure to get lasting benefit from it.

All of these methods require hard work and dedication on your behalf. It will also require some time to be fruitful. So whichever method you are using for getting high quality backlinks, make sure you put in your best efforts. One tip I would like to give before conclusion is that instead of investing heavily in buying the backlinks the better option is to invest in getting an account in useful tools like from ahrefs, Moz or SEMrush. Google keyword planner is also a good tool. Once you are armed with a couple of good tools that can analyze the outgoing backlinks, you can work wonder and increase the traffic coming to your blog.

Which of the above mentioned techniques do you plan to adopt for getting high quality backlinks? Or is there any other strategy that has proven to be useful for you? Let us know by commenting below.

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