Instagram had a very tough day today. The most popular photo sharing app Instagram was down today because of a bug that prevented the users from United Stated of America, UK and many other parts of the world from sharing images with their friends and family. The reports of the site being down started pouring in as early as 10:30 am. People were astonished because the app usually worked perfectly and there has seldom been any issue with the seamless working of the app.

Instagram was down created such a big uproar because the website is owned by Facebook which is also a website that is used by millions of people all the time but still there are hardly times when the Facebook website or app is down. Within an hour of the problem there was an official tweet from the Instagram twitter account stating that there was a fault but they were working on it. according to the official tweet

We know some Instagrammers are experiencing issues with the app. We’re working on a fix!”

— Instagram (@instagram) April 24, 2017

Instagram already has 600 million active users that are logged in daily. Everyday there has been an increase in the users so it is essential that the app is always up and working.

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Also Instagram is always non stop on the breakneck competition with the other best photo sharing app Snapchat. The management of Instagram and Facebook have openly declared that they want to get Snapchat boxed. After such tall claims the app being down comes as a big blow. However within an hour, people started getting back their account activity at Instagram.

Was your Instagram account effected today by Instagram was down? Do you think that Instagram is better or SnapChat. Share with us your views by commenting below.

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