A delightful cold morning was waiting for me with a robust breakfast. I enjoyed that delectable morning meal, got ironed clothes on my body, perfumed my shirt with luscious scent and fitted my feet in my polished shining shoes. I was ready to deploy that fresh wintry day to dominate over all those challenges that were desperately waiting for me. I said good bye to my mom and went towards the car. I was bit petrified with the thought, that if my car will not start due to that frosty weather, I will have to bear a waste of my time and effort to initiate that perfidious car. I was just approaching my car, and at an instant my eyes hooked up with a thought provoking scene.  There was a 6 year old child, with topsy-turvy hairs, sluggish physique, ripped clothes and a murky face; Hunger spurred him to search food even in the trash. He was ready to eat anything that could be digestible.

My eyes got wet and a spark of guilt commenced in my heart. My heart screamed, apprised me that how insane I was? I had the tension whether my car will start or not! There are millions, bearing the stress that if they will not get their belly filled, they them self will not start!

That wintry weather averted me that I have to waste my time and effort; there are millions under the depression that how will they quarrel with despotic weather conditions through their ripped clothes?

I backpedaled 30 minutes of my life. I observed when I woke up, I had no such tension that I have to find food to serve my belly. I wasn’t dejected, that I have no warm clothes to fight that capricious weather; both the food as well as the clothes welcomed me them self.

I found all my tensions nugatory. In front of those bona fide troubles, my issue was a bootless one

That day I observed another fact: Tensions are definite, only the modes of tensions vary.

 A destitute has the tension to fill his tummy, while a millionaire is tensed to get his dream project completed within its time limit. One woman depletes her peace of mind with the thought that if her child will not come first in the class, how will she justify this decline to her companions? While another woman is dismal, that if she will get enough bread for her children today?

Yes! This is life: A tension prone journey. Tensions don’t award clemency to anyone, it just target one who lives, anyone who owns a life.

So don’t desire a tension free life, it’s merely a fantasy to own a life free of distress. Just wonder to get best possible strength to face quagmires of life. Now a fundamental question should be addressed here and the question is then what we want in our life?

By analyzing human nature, I found that we want a life where there should be no quagmires, no shocks and finally no apprehensions to bother us. But just assume a life where we are deprived of all tensions, then what will fuel the vehicle our life?

Yes, these tensions actually run our life! We spend our whole life to overcome these tensions and try to make our soul happy and contended. If these tensions will not pose any impediment in our happiness, then we could not be able to enjoy the exuberance we win after defeating the depressions of life.

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