We all love emoji. Since the early days, when chatting was becoming very popular, and when they their primitive form called smileys were all we had, people fell in love with them. Soon smileys developed into emoticons and emoji with greater graphic details, emotional scale and colors. They are so cute and attractive. Now Memoji a great new app is one that make your face into an emoji.

The app is available for iOS only right now. It will make your face into an emoji, with a single click. T

How to make your face into an Emoji by Memoji?

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The app is quite simple and straight forward. Just download, Memoji which by the way is free of cost. After that take a picture and choose and an emoji that you want your picture to look like. That is it. The face in your provided picture will turn into the related emoji. The emoji can e laughing, happy face or sad face. Whichever emoji it is, the result would be hilarious and funny. The newly created emoji picture can then be saved or shared with friends. You can spend hours taking pictures and truing yourself into different emojis. This fun app has been recently released and became very popular. Because of its simple and easy to understand interface the app got a huge following as compared to its many competitors.

Although there is one little flaw that there is a limited number of emojis that you can turn yourself into, user might get bored after trying out all the emojis many times. However as the app is becoming quite popular, more emojis might be added to it soon. Also there is a dire need to release the Android version of the app too.

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