Microsoft wants to force the connection of Windows 10 with smartphones apparently in the future. If you want to set up Windows 10 Insider Build 17063, you need to enter your phone number. Microsoft wants to link your phone and PC.

Windows 10

The seemingly forced entry of the phone number is apparently a bug in Windows 10 Insider Build 17063. The linkage of the phone with Windows is recommended for a new installation but is not mandatory. The corresponding options are just not visible due to an error.

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With intrusive and dubious methods Microsoft has actually already made negative experiences. From the rather annoying omnipresent “Upgrade Offer” for Windows 10, about aggressive advertising and the first in Microsoft Windows 8 almost mandatory Microsoft account. Microsoft is not short on aggressive attempts to bring its own products among the people and to retain users.
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With the ability to connect Windows 10 with smartphones, Microsoft now seems to motivate another coercive measure. Finally, it wants to reach as many users as possible with features like “Continue on PC” and the planned Windows timeline for Redstone 4. The fact that the “Microsoft Launcher” was advertised as “Continue on PC” under Android was already the case before. The current record numbers in the Android app seems to have inspired Microsoft’s imagination but again. It already ranks # 1 in the Google Play Store.

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As the colleagues of WindowsArea report, starting from Windows 10 Build 17063 you have to input your number to complete the installation. So far, the input was still voluntary and therefore the decision whether you wanted to link Windows 10 at all with the smartphone was yours.  But that’s not enough. If you have entered the number, Microsoft sends a link to the Microsoft Launcher on Google Play. To complete the installation, a confirmation is required, which you can only do in the future after installing the Microsoft Launcher on the app. However, such a feature is missing in the launcher so far, which is why a final reinstallation of the Windows 10 Insider Build 17063 is currently not possible.
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In view of past “Windows scandals” that had a veritable outcry result, it can be assumed that Microsoft will remove the forced number entry until the release of Redstone 4 and will only apply a link between Windows and Smartphone, as currently for the specification of a Microsoft account happens.


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