The newest breakthrough in the food industry, is the Salad making robot Sally. Sally makes great customized salads with a wide variety. The great thing about Sally is that it lets you count the calories as you make the salad. You can choose the ingredients, one by one on a large screen. As an ingredient is added to your salad bowl, the calorie counter at the bottom of the screen count the number of calories. So you can exactly know which ingredient is adding how many calories to your salad.

How does Salad making Robot Sally Function?

The Salad making Robot Sally is developed by Chowbotics, which is an organization, based in California that specializes in making robots that can work and serve in the food industry. They have developed robots in this regards with cleaning and hygiene.

Sally will set to work from this spring at a restaurant in California called Mama Mia’s. Right now Sally weighs around a whopping 350 pounds. However, Chowbotics want to decrease its weight so it can be installed in offices and other workplaces like vending machine.

It is a first of its kind robot that requires absolutely no assistance from the humans to make a salad. It just dispenses ingredients off large canisters that are stored at the back of the machine. Sally can hold upto 20 different ingredients in its storage area.  With twenty different ingredients there is a huge range of salads that it can make.

Salad making Robot Sally

Sally’s Specials

There can be a number of customizable choices of salads that Sally can create however there are three of Sally’s specials too

  • Sally’s Salad (romaine with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, walnuts, Parmesan, and black peppercorn ranch);
  • The Power Chow Salad (kale with cabbage, sun-dried cranberries, walnuts, and honey mustard vinaigrette); and
  • The Silicon Valley Salad (seared chicken breast with kale, mixed bell peppers, olives, crunchy wonton chips, and honey mustard).

    Sally is available at $ 30,000 for businesses and can be rented on lease also for $ 500 for a month. Once Chowbotics figure out a way of making the robot a little slimmer it will began its shipping all over the country.

There have also been suggestions given to Chowbotics to make a male version of the robot to break the stereotype of women making the food all the time. here is a video that shows how sally work.

Would you like Sally to be in your workplace? Share your views by commenting below.

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