Prior to the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 on 21st April 2017, Samsung launched the super cool advertisements about the flagship mobile. The advertisement became viral just after coming out. There are four Samsung Galaxy S8 Advertisements in total, one is long about 3:30 minutes the others are shorter around 1:15 to 1:30 minutes. The longer ad gave a detailed view about what S8 has been capable of doing however the ad had to be cut down because it mainly focused on the functionality of Bixby, the AI based virtual assistant of Galaxy S8.

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But now as Bixby is not going to be part of S8 and S8 plus the parts about Bixby had been cut down and the focus has been shifted to the infinity display instead in the Samsung Galaxy S8 Advertisements. The infinity display is definitely worth enough to bank on. It makes the phone beautiful with the very limited bezels and a sleek curved screen. It is infinitely amazing as the ad claim. However things would have been much better if Bixby was a part of the mobile phone too. Now many consumers will wait till later this year when it is expected that the phone will come with Bixby working well. This might cause a decrease in sales of Samsung Galaxy S8, however the immense pre-orders so far have already made the phone a sure shot success.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Advertisements

Here is a look at the complete ad, that is now not been shown because of Bixby being excluded.

Here is the ad that celebrates the infinity screen.

It seems that that the screen is great for viewing your favorite shows and series on the infinity display. There are a number of features in the mobile phone that makes it great and unique. The iris scanning lock, the camera is much better, it focuses on the face to get better selfies and captures fast moving objects with precision and clarity. Of course the bigger screen means the images and selfies would be greater detailed and bigger in size. So what are you waiting for just unbox your phone.

Here are other cute and inspiring Samsung Galaxy S8 Advertisements which explore the tagline do what you cant. In the first ad the ostrich is inspired to fly once it watch the Flight simulation video on Galaxy s8 through the VR head gear. The idea is so unique and captivating. One cannot help but laugh out loud and cheer for the ostrich as in the end it takes its first flight thus accomplishing what is cannot do.

Here is the next ad, which touches the emotional chords of the people. It shows how things that we once thought were impossible had become normal and mundane for the next generation like putting the mobile phone in water or experiencing the virtual reality. Here once again the hashtag of do what you can’t is repeated.

So here are the advertisement that will supposedly help Samsung in getting more and more sales for their S8 series.

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