A lot has been said about SEO on our website. In fact it is one of the hottest topics of the modern internet 2.0. Nowadays you make a site later and think about its SEO before. SEO start very early, in fact with the URL and domain name. Everything on your website must comply with the SEO principles. Creating a website or a blog is very easy these days. The main task is to make it reach the desired audience. This is where the SEO comes in to play. A good site will eventually get a decent amount of views, but a good site with great SEO will bound to get a huge, regular audience. Here we list top 10 SEO Tools to make your site rank higher.

Top 10 SEO tools

There are so many SEO based tools available in the market that sometimes it is overwhelming. It is difficult to decide which are the top 10 SEO tools. Besides the top 10 SEO tools, there are thousands of free online blogs and comprehensive guides available that tell you all about search engine optimization and claim to make you a pro within minutes of reading them. While of course these claims are exaggerated, there are definitely some tools and gadgets available that help in improving the SEO of your website to a great deal.

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Here is a list of top 10 SEO tools. You can try a couple of them for your site and if there is not any significant change, you can try some other ones also. Although most of these tools are simple and straight forward you might need some time to master them completely. More or less they offer almost the same services, with some details added here and there.

Although it must be kept in mind that these are beginners tools and do not always guarantee first page results, however combine them with high quality smart content and you can come out a winner.

10 – Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

top 10 seo tools

Help a reporter out or HAro as it is usually called is often not considered when discussing SEO tools because of a quite different name, however Haro is extremely beneficial for SEO because it does not work on a typical keyword finding and tracing method.

Haro has more of a journalistic bases. So what it is does is that once you subscribe for it, it will provide you with leaks and upcoming news that are yet to break on the internet thus giving you an edge over everyone else. Once you establish yourself as the breaking news blog, automatically you can garner a lot of followers. Otherwise you can also send the tips to reporters helping them out. In return you get a backlink to your blog or a webpage as a source.

You might have  to try this second method in the beginning and try to give tips to news sites that are very popular to get a stronger backlink.

You can start with basic package in which three stories are delivered to your inbox every day.

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9 – SEMrush

You might have heard the name of SEMrush. It has become very popular lately and listed among top 10 seo tools. And every other person is trying it out. So what makes it so great? The answer is simple, huge amount of data and statistics to work your way through. Some people argue that there is too much data shown by this tool and everything gets muddled up. It might be a bit overwhelming for a newbie but if you are into SEO management you would know that any amount of data okay to deal with.

top 10 seo tools

You get a very good analysis of your competitors and their paid and unpaid searches. You can know which are the most profitable keywords for your webpage and how you can bank on them.

There are webinars and blog posts to help you understand about SEO concepts too. It is a paid service with packages from 99,99 $, $199 and for the business version $ 399. There are also custom payment plans so you can choose whichever is suitable for you and your webpage.

8 – Keys4Up

This is a very simple and straight forward tool and it must be used by everyone. Be it a newbie or a pro, it is a quick and easy way to find related keywords. When you have a one point agenda and that is to find the related keywords to your topic so you can quickly write an article based on the most relevant and bankable keywords, this is the tool for you.

top 10 seo tools

It is a free of cost tool and it will give you a list of related keywords. Theirs’ is the simple three point agenda


Based on this agenda it is a great way to save time from lengthy keywords analysis project. You must register to get the full results, and their registration is a quick and simple process.

7 – SEOquake

It is again another great and important tool with a strong place in top 10 seo tools. It is in fact a browser extension that can applied to Chrome, Firefox and opera. It is a free tool and offers limit amount of great features. It is again a very simple and straight forward tool but it has more features than keywords4up. It has four important features according to their official webpage. These features are listed below.

top 10 seo tools

  1. It will conduct an onpage SEO probably with an exceptional speed and sow the results there and then. No catches apply
  2. Check out the external and internal links and report any broken links.
  3. Compare URLs and domain names with each other to find the result.
  4. Save the data got from the analysis and store it in a file away from this site.

6 – AuthoritySpy

AuthoritySpy is a really great tool. It is among many of the top SEO Tools list. It is a great way to find your competitors and their searches. It will find the influencers in your niche and give you information about them as its name indicates. There are many tools that provide this service but we are very impressed with AuthoritySpy and would like to make a special mention of its services in finding an authority in a niche. It will aggregate multiple data sources from the internet including the very popular ones like Google+, Twitter, Facebook and the lesser known one too that include Technorati, Klout or Alltop. It can be purchased in a Pro or Basic version with a one-time payment fee.

5 – Gogretel

Here is another really great and helpful tool that is also ranked among the top SEO tools. Gogretel is not like any of your regular SEO tools. It helps you become good in the king of all search engine’s Google’s books. If you are following all the guidelines that Google has shared with us. It will instantly pick up any big or small blunder that we might be doing that are preventing us from getting a better rank with Google.

You might not want to use Gogretel all the time, but it must be used once in a while by all websites.

4 – Slerpee

Another unique tool, Slerpee will show you how you page will look in the Google search results page. One must be very sure about what their page is projecting in the search result page because that is from where we can generate the most amount of traffic. It shows your page title, meta and description as shown by Google. The good thing is that you can change and update it without seeing changes in the actual content.

3 – Google Keyword Planner

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Google keyword planner is very important because it is Google in the first place whose ranking we want to get for our website. Google keyword planner is a great way to find the right and relevant keywords and then embed them with different articles on your website. It will also tell you which are the most bankable keywords that you can use to make you webpage rank higher amount the top seo tools.

2 – Muck Rack

Muck rack works in a similar way as the Haro works. It will help you find journalists and influencers in a niche. It will check the following features.

Name and location

Company’s name

Twitter Handle

Contact information


It will give the results for journalists blogs and pages using these five parameters.

1 – Ahrefs

Most of the people have experienced using this SEO tool. This is definitely among the top 10 SEO tools that are globally available. It has two distinguishing features,

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Firstly the site explorer. It is a great back link checking tool. Secondly the position tracker it not only tracks the position of your webpage but also helps in increasing the rank. It is a highly powerful tool and is a must to try out for most of the webpages.

Here is our list of top SEO tools for your website. Let us know which SEO tool is missing or which ones you have used that has made a difference for your website. Share with us by commenting below.



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