E-commerce has taken the world by a storm. Although the industry have been around for almost a couple of decades now but the real steam got into it around 4 to 5 years ago. Earlier people were so much skeptic about buying something online. The idea of shopping as going to the shop and getting what you want was so much thoroughly ingrained in people that it took e-commerce quite a lot of time to gain complete control. But now it is ruling the market and the World Wide Web.

Even the smallest of businesses have e-commerce website`s attached and the great thing is that the sites are bringing in money. People are being more and more interested into buying the stuff that they need online. It saves the precious time. It makes it easy to look and all the options and then make a choice. It is much easier and you do not have to go through the hassle of car parking, traffic, gas and fuel expenses are saved.

First let is look at what an e-commerce website is and then look at the top e-commerce sites that are running today.

What is e-commerce?

If we put it in short, e-commerce is a basically all the business transactions that are done electronically over the internet. An e-commerce website is one that will facilitate this type of transactions and would let users make online purchases. It can involve both the processes of buying selling. E-commerce started with the sale of electronic documents over the internet and now there is nothing that you cannot buy over the internet.

The introduction of e-commerce has completely changed the face of human shopping experience. It has also a great impact on the human life style altogether. It turned the world into a global marketplace and make rare products available all over the globe.

Here are the top e-commerce websites.


You all must have heard about e-commerce giant Ebay. Ebay has been around from around 1995. It underwent a lot of changes since then and expanded to a huge market. It has a head quarter in San Jose California and was founded by Pierre Omidyar. Although Omidyar started it as a hobby and just wanted to have some fun by auctioning items that was why the name of his venture was auctionbay in the beginning, but soon there was too much traffic on his site and he needed to have a professional account. In order to pay for that he thought about starting to charge people who used his site and that opened the door for a great e-commerce venture.


When in 1997 the company went public it made Omidyar and the president of the company Jeffery Skoll become billionaires instantly. Today ebay is a great place to buy anything. The auction part of the site is also working in full swing and it is what makes it different from the rest of the e-commerce websites.



Amazon is another big game changer in the field of e-commerce. It is again a site where you can prder anything online. Be it food item, clothing pie, toys or hardware item, you name it and you are sure to find it on Amazon. It was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and it is based in Seattle Washington. It started off as a book store but then it flourished to include CDs, DVDs etc. They included more and more products until now the store has anything you could imagine. You can buy anything on Amazon and more. It also manufactured the ground breaking electronic book reader the Kindle. This was the pioneering book reader and it helped a great deal in establishing a market for e-books and e-readers. There are a number of other electronic products too that Amazon has manufactured over the years like the Kindle Fire, Fire TV etc. Now Amazon is also the owner of online streaming service Amazon Prime. It does not only let users rent movies and tv shows it is also the sole producer of great many original content also.

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Alibaba is the biggest e-commerce site in China. China is the world’s most populous country so it is a huge market and there is a strong customer base there. This was visulalized by Jack MA, the creative genius behind all the ventures of Alibaba Corp. it provides B2B, B2C and C2C sales services not only to the Chinese market but on global level too. The name alibaba came from the persion folk lore of thousand and one nights. Just like with open sesame alibaba could open the door to the cave containing all the treasure in the world, the site Alibaba serves as a Gateway to a world of endless products.

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Jack Ma said that before using this unique name he asked more than thirty people whether they knew who Alibaba was, and the people even being from different nationalities like German, Indian, American told him him invariably that they knew him. This using the unique name Alibaba was set up and is not one of the e-commerce ventures by the Jack Ma founded franchise.

Best Buy


Best buy is another very popular e-commerce website in United States. It is mostly focused on electronics and gadgets. It is very popular because as the name suggests it gives the best deals in the electronics. As there are a number of online platforms available to buy popular items, it becomes difficult to decide from where to make the purchase. Best buy will give you the best deals and sales about the products. So you do not have to worry that you might have gotten a better price anywhere else. However it is limited to deliveries in USA only but still manages to have a huge amount of traffic every month.



TaoBao is another big Chinese retailer. It is a huge online store that has everything that you can imagine available. It is a part of the Alibaba group of companies and thus is a huge ecommerce conglomerate. It has more than 800 million products listed and a user base of more than 500 million to its credits. It is one of the biggest ecommerce retail house in China. In a short period of time TaoBao has established itself as a huge e-commerce market and made a mark as a top ecommerce sites of the world.

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Tmall is also a part of the Alibaba group. You can see the power and influence of Alibaba group by observing that among the top 10 ecommerce websites there are three sites that belong to Alibaba group. Tmall was started in 2008, that is quite late as compared to Ebay and Amazon but have established itself in the same league as these ecommerce giants. It has 181 million registered active buyers. It has a high alexa rank. The Alexa traffic rank of this website is 35 while according to popularity it is the 8th most popular website in China.



Flipkart is based in India. Like China, India is also a huge market in terms of population and it is considered as a pioneer in Indian E-commerce. It was formed by Sachin Bansal and Binoy Bansal in 2007 and it has developed a firm grounding in the field of IT. Both Sachin and Binoy Bansal have been named among the times top most influential people of the world. The site is especially popular for making headlines for announcing big sales and deals. It also create special item launch events like the launch of Motorola G and Xiaomi Tech

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Walmat is a chain of hyperstores and grocery stores. So its ecommerce website deals with all kinds of grocery products. People trust the name of Walmart as it has been there for many year by now so the website got easy access to the large amount of user base. So that is why Walmart grew in popularity to such an extreme.



SnapDeal is another great website based in New Delhi India. It was created by Kunal Bahl as a part of his degree program. Snapdeal is based in India only but even that is such a big market that Snapdeal has 275,000 sellers, over 30 million products and a reach of 6,000 towns and cities across the country. Like other Indian Ecommerce sites Snapdeal also does marketing on media and television extensively.

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Rakuten is another great ecommerce website. It also has a broad range of products in a number of different categories. It is a Japanese company and has its headquarters in Japan. It is one of the largest ecommerce websites as far as sales are concerned.

So these are the top ecommerce site that are currently ruling the World Wide Web. If you experience with any of them let us know by commenting below. Which of these websites would you recommend to others in terms of pricing, quick service, no of products available and customers feasibility.



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