In today’s world apps related to accidents, natural disasters and terrorist acts are vastly required and are thus becoming more and more popular. The most important thing for people to know after such an incident is to know about the security of their loved ones. That is why Google, last year launched the Trusted Contacts App.

Trusted Contacts App

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The Trusted Contacts App that was launched by Google today comes to iOS too. It is a hugely popular and immensely useful app. This app lets you add a group to people that you trust to your app home page and then these people can have access to know your location information all the time. The app is secure as it will only share your information with the people that you have added to the list of trusted contacts. There are two features that makes this app really useful

  • It will share your location even if your mobile is shut down (Although given that it is not broken)
  • It will share your location with your loved ones if you fail to reply to their messages. You can set the time that after how many minutes of not replying to share your location with the person who messaged you.

This useful app has becomes very popular with the masses especially due to the rise in the terror attacks across the globe. Now keeping in view the popularity Google has made this app available to iOS devices too. So that people can be comfortable knowing that their loved ones are safe and sound.

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Have you used the trusted contacts app by Google? Do you think it is useful and how do you think Google can improve the app to make more helpful? Let us know about your view by commenting below.

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