You might have heard about the tutuapp and how cool it is. In fact it just seems too good to be true. But in this case, the product is as good as the rumors portray it to be. Tutuapp is a Chinese app and it is basically like an alternative app store. It is also known as the bunny app informally because of the cute little bunny that serves as a mascot. It is for both iOS and android which is a unique and surprising feature. Apart from that it has all the apps and games for free.

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Features of TutuApp

It puts up the premium game features as well as the games and utilities that are not free up on the store for download for free. As it is offering stuff for free, that is usually not free on other app stores, this is a very popular avenue for app fanatics. It is especially popular in teens and kids who like to play games but do not have enough money to play the games that are considered a fad. Even if the games are free there are premium features in almost all the games, which will unlock cool items once a payment have been made.

The TutuApp gained lot of popularity with the Pokemon Go craze. The Pokemon Go game, when released earlier was only available in certain countries. The TutuApp made it possible to download it, even if you were from a country that did not have Pokemon released. It provided simulation that made you look like you are in some other country, where the game was available.

Is TutuApp legal and safe?

Although as far as the legality of the app is concerned, there is a big question mark there. The Apps that are free on Tutu Appstore sure make a dent in the actual app revenues. However as far as the safety of the TutuApp is concerned that is not a big issue. The App has been widely used across the world (except the parts where it might be banned) and there has been no negative reviews or complaints about viruses or other malware. In fact people are giving it high ratings because according to them it is quite easy to use and browse through. Unlike the original appstores where there is a plethora of different apps and users have a tough time browsing through them all, the TutuApp picks up the latest and trending ones.

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How can I download TutuApp?

As we have stated before too, you can download theTutuApp on both Android and iOS devices but the method is different for both and here we narrate both ways to work with it. Before that here is a good news. This app does not require you to root on Android devices and jailbreak for iOS. Here are the simple steps to install the app on your device

How to install TutuApp on an Android device

  • In the settings, set up the location to unknown sources.
  • Visit the site for Apk download
  • Download the Apk and install on your device.

How to install TutuApp on your iOS device

  • Open the Safari browser. It may work on other browser too, but Safari is the safest option.
  • Visit the site com
  • Download the application and then install on your system.

The app is available for PCs also. On these two sites, you can find the Tutuapp version for PCs too.

So this was all the information about the TutuApp. It does seem to be a good and viable option if you want to play game for free. If you like to play games, then what are you waiting for? Just download the app and let us know how your experience with it was.

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