All the popular social media apps are becoming more and more visual. Images, videos and other picture related features are becoming the vital part of all the social media apps. Actually the main purpose of social media is to get in the social media scene. Thus the new WhatsApp update is all about going social by sharing more and more images and videos.

WhatsApp To get more visual

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Three new features are added to WhatsApp today. Before we go into the details of the features let us make it clear. These features are only for the WhatsApp on iOS based devices for now. When will the feature roll out for android devices is not known yet.

So WhatsApp to get more visual through following three main features.


Now almost all the apps that have a good amount of camera use have filters in them. WhatsApp to get visual with five new filters. The names of the filters will indicate something about each of their individual functionality. The filters are pop, black and white, cool, chrome and film filters. Choose any of them to give and extra oomph to your photos and then share them over with friends.


This is a great feature because almost all of us lose track of videos and photos when they are shared to group. Now WhatsApp will keep a track of all the photos and group them together as a one under an album. The user can later set the features of the album.

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Reply Shortcuts

Third feature is also very handy and good for group chats. Whenever the group chats start becoming messy, you can just swipe the screen and get the reply to the exact message that you want to reply to. Right now you can reply now by just swiping the screens

Let us know what you think about the new features making theor way to WhatsApp

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