The Team

Ali Rao
Ali Rao (Founder) Light at heart and full of energy, Ali’s interest lies in all things mechanical. Apart from this, he has an unyielding interest in writing, computers, gadgets and Read More
Ruhy Nasir
Graphics Designer
Ruhy Nasir (Graphics Designer) is a Full time freelance Graphic Designer . Able to take idea from conception and transform it into a highly marketable end product. Proven experience in Read More
Syed Muhammad Raza Jafri
An engineer, action-movie enthusiast, dreamer and occasional writer with some theme music or the other constantly playing in his head.
Mirza Hammad Baig
Hammad is a graduate of mechanical engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology. He is possessed with the versatile personality and skills ranging from academia to written and oral Read More
Z. Omer
She is an IBA Graduate and loves to write about economy, entrepreneurship.
Anam Faruqui
A computer science graduate who loves the power of words. Loves to share opinions on tech release. Being a CS graduate she loves to share her experience in the field Read More
Zahra Hassan
A passionate blogger with a penchant to write on almost any topic under the sun. After completing her Software Engineering from FAST University she pursues her passion for writing. Apart from Read More