A broken Apple HomePod out of warranty can be expensive: Apple has released the Repair and Service Pricing list, which lists $279 for a defect – more than three-quarters of the actual purchase price.

HomePod Repair

Apple’s new HomePod is now officially available in the US, Australia, and the UK. As soon as the first devices arrive, new information about the smart speaker will follow. Accordingly, Apple has now also updated its support pages and released prices for AppleCare, repair and replacement services – and they are surprisingly juicy. Therefore, the US group wants $ 279 for a repair of the HomePod, if the repair is either not covered by the normal legal warranty or the device is one day out of warranty.

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The speaker is replaced at this price by Apple, that is replaced by a mint HomePod. In addition, a shipping fee of $ 20, if the device is to be replaced directly by mail. The price of this service alone is nearly 80 percent of the original price, which is $349. Rarely has Apple requested so much for an exchange device. Alternatively, Apple offers the additional benefit of AppleCare, which is extended for a one-time $39 of the normal Apple warranty. AppleCare also includes self-inflicted defects during the warranty period.

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The HomePod comes about three months later than the first officially announced date to the customers. Apple had originally spoken at the HomePod keynote of a market launch in December 2017, but could not hold the date and then announced it in a very short time until November. Previous rumors already talked about delivery problems and a botched start date. What ultimately led to the delay is not known.



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