Finally the new Blackberry keyone phone is available in the markets and we are all geared up to review it. Blackberry keyone aims at providing a unique experience to the users giving them a portable and on the go Qwerty keypad experience. in the time when we are moving towards mobile phones with minimum keys and all screen, Blackberry’s unique offering has a cult following.

Blackberry Keyone

blackberry keyone

blackberry keyone


blackberry keyone

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The Blackberry phone is based on Android 7.1 and this is the second mobile phone from Blackberry brand that features this OS. It has a Snapdragon 625. Not the latest Snapdragon available but still a reliable one. As Blackberry is insistent on providing the unique and traditional Qwerty experience, we are not going to judge them on that. However in this edition the unique thing about this phone is that there are a lot of shortcuts available. You can double tab the keys to invoke a shortcut. There are around 52 shortcuts available. Although it is tough to remember all of them, but you can remember some that are of more use to you. There is the availability of personalized shortcuts too so you can add your favorite app to the short that is easiest to remember and then use it for your convenience.

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The new and enhanced Blackberry keyone has a 4 GB RAM and a 64 GB ROM. The phone has a dual camera with horizontal alignment and it comes with a 12MP rear camera, 8MP front camera. With a very handsome and sleek aviation based aluminum body, this phone is quick and efficient in use like any top class android device. It is a shiny black phone and is the first blackberry to feature a dual sim. The screen size is 4.5 inch and with the keyboard, this makes it quite a large mobile phone.

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So if you are a Blackberry fan, this is a must buy phone for you. Otherwise there is nothing that much to offer from Blackberry keyone except the unique Qwerty experience.

Do you intend to buy the Blackberry Keyone? Let us know about your experience with it.


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