In an announcement yesterday, Sony gave the news that it has no more plans to upgrade the handheld device Sony PS Vita. The once immensely popular device had dwindling sales in the previous few years. According to the officials from Sony the main reason behind this move is that there is a drop in the popularity of Handheld gaming devices because the smartphones have taken up that domain. The Smartphones are now becoming more and more popular and advanced with better graphics and faster speed fit for gaming. So instead of getting a separate handheld device like Sony PS Vita, consumers are satisfied with enjoying the gaming experience via the Smartphones.

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Sony PS Vita

In wake of this new and better trend now handheld devices have little relevance left and understandably the market share for these devices are becoming lesser and lesser. The owner of Playstation organization does not feel the need to compete with the Nintendo Switch with the PS Vita. According to the official Sony House, Nintendo Switch has a different approach towards gaming other than handheld. They do not intend to compete with them on the handheld devices aspect.

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Of course there are fans who would be disappointed by this news. Sony PS Vita was an easy to use portable gaming device but still the previous edition of the device is there for the fans and the production has not been halted, only the further development has been curtailed.

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Are you disappointed by the news of Sony’s no intention to further develop the PS Vita? Are you a fan of Playstation or Xbox. Let us know by commenting below.

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