About ten years ago a car drove through Germany. It had cameras mounted on the roof and photographed the houses of righteous citizens on behalf of Google. However, the citizens raised some privacy concerns and the Google camera-equipped cars disappeared from the road. Now the camera cars are back again.

Google Camera-Equipped Cars

The map showed pixelated images because of privacy concerns. The houses were disguised on Street View. That’s why tourists visiting Munich, Berlin, and Hamburg often wonder why the popular service in Germany is so “broken”. 

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Now the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ) reports that ten years after the first appearance of the Street View cars in Germany again vehicles from Google are on their way. Current sightings are reported from the Ruhr area. Some people now fear that the beautiful pixelation is in danger.

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The current rides of the Google cars were announced in April and  WAZ said that the recordings are not intended for Street View. Instead, Google Maps aims to collect information about new and updated street names and signs, as well as itineraries and shops.

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Google Germany spokeswoman Lena Heuermann said that Google would like to update the Street View in Germany but German data protection regulations prevent that, unfortunately. Currently, Street View shows 10 years old images.

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