Google Launches New Website to showcase their open source projects and the open source code that is being developed by the IT giant organization. Earlier the Google open source was available on GitHub and also on Google’s self-hosted Git website. The open source will remain on these resources too because there are a number of users using the resources from there, however the new website brings all the Google’s open source software under one umbrella.

Google Launches New Website

The website is premeditated beautifully, with a simple and straight forward design. The header is grey and white with a white body. The logo of all the Google open source projects are floating around in a circle and the one highlighted or clicked will come in the middle of the circle.

There are accompanying documents as well as a detailed blog that will tell you about all the details of the open source projects available. There is a community also that introduces the Google open source resources to affiliates and outreach programs.

Google has always been a big supporter of open source software and open source resources. It claims that sharing will make the world a better place. Also it wants to provide resources to everyone so they can develop their own code for the betterment and profitability of their organization.

The documents are also especially important because Google has announced that it reveals in the documents exactly what working goes behind the open source work. Here is what Google writes about the newly launched website

 “Our policies and procedures are informed by many years of experience and lessons we’ve learned along the way,” Google writes in today’s announcement. “We know that our particular approach to open source might not be right for everyone—there’s more than one way to do open source—and so these docs should not be read as a ‘how-to’ guide.”

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Have you visited the new Google website? Do you like it? Share your views about the site by commenting below.

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