Next week, the Mobile World Congress ( MWC ) will take place in Barcelona, which of course is the summit of mobile device manufacturers.Huawei will also be there, but its next top model, the P20, will not be presented at the MWC, which will take place at the end of March.However, some leaked images can show you how the Huawei P20 will look like.

Huawei P20

Hardly any manufacturer leaves the Mobile World Congress, that much is clear. But what you present there is another question. Because a lot of companies are afraid to introduce the latest flagship. The reason for this is probably that they do not like to share the public’s attention with other manufacturers. Above all, the Samsung Galaxy S9 overshadowed the event, as the new smartphone of the market leader is of course particularly sought after.


That’s one of the reasons why Huawei invites to an event in Paris on March 27th. In the French capital, the company will probably present the P20, the new top model of the Chinese manufacturer this time will probably be in two variants, a conventional and a Pro variant.

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The Blog Android Authority has now succeeded in getting an early prototype model of the P20. In the accompanying pictures, you can see what the (smaller) model will look like, but changes are always possible. You can quickly see that Huawei is trying to make the edges narrower, similar to the way it did with the Mate 10. This affects all the top and bottom of the device, even on the long sides of the edge is minimal.

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One certainly interesting detail is that the prototype has no volume rocker, instead, Huawei seems to rely on “virtual” touch-sensitive keys, the volume is obviously changed here by swiping. In the basic design, Huawei also makes some adjustments. So it tried to “hide” the camera optics a little better. At the bottom you can now find double speakers, the Huawei P10 only had one.

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However, the prototype cannot confirm a rumor, namely that the P20 will have three camera units. The triple optics could still exist, namely in the  Pro variant, which would be larger.



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