After wondering What Is Facebook Turning into?, we are compelled to ask what is Instagram turning into? Instagram has recently launched a feature that allows you to save photos privately!

Instagram Is After Pinterest Now!

instagram pinterest

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Instagram has recently added a new feature that can target the audience of Pinterest! The users of Instagram can now save posted photos and videos in a private collection, just how Pinterest users save photos on their boards. Saving posts allow users a way to bookmark posts they want to reference to in the future, like places to travel or products to buy. This change to Instagram builds on a feature that was introduced in December which lets users save posts from friends. Instagram is owned by Facebook. Instagram said that 46% of its users have used this new feature to save at least one post since the feature was introduced. Users can now create many collections of saved Instagram posts and choose a name for them. Right now, collections are private. This means no one can view the collection apart from the user who created it.  On Pinterest, the boards can be shared publicly.

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Let’s see how this move by Instagram affects Pinterest. Although the collections are private right now on Instagram, you never know when they may have the option to be made public!

Do you use Pinterest? Do you think Instagram will be able to replicate it? Let us know in the comments below!


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