iPhone SE is Apple’s small-screen low-cost model. Since its release, it has been a huge hit with consumers. People have been looking forward to the release of a new generation of iPhone SE. Recently, Mirror released part of the news on the iPhone SE2 and it is expected to be released in March next year.

iPhone SE2

Mirror said, iPhone SE2 will still maintain the basic shape of the iPhone 5, while the changes are mainly from the performance of the machine and the back of the design.iPhone SE2 will most likely sport a double-sided glass structure while carrying a single camera back.But unfortunately for many customers, iPhone SE2 will still g the t rid of 3.5mm headphone jack.

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Earlier Indian media gave the news that iPhone SE is about to launch second-generation products, and in design will have a great change. Now, Apple Marketing President Schiller also confirmed this one-sided news. Schiller told the media that as long as consumers demand products, Apple will not easily give up. Earlier iGeneration website reported that Apple will launch in December a new generation of iPhone SE, and still maintain the 4-inch screen. Specific specifications are temporarily unknown, but the price is said to be much cheaper.



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