According to reputable experts, iPhone models have an undeniable advantage over absolutely any Android-smartphone. It differs in the cardinal difference of the operating systems used on them.

Android VS iPhone

“Operating System” iOS, installed on the iPhone, is remotely similar to Android. At the same time, their working principles have cardinal differences. The thing is that any product on which Android is installed has an increased risk that third-party interference may occur on it. The models of the “apple” corporation, of course, have disadvantages, but one of the great advantages is that iOS is a closed system on which it is impossible to crack from the side by using the software.

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The owner of any iPhone can freely use any links in the browser, open all files that come by mail, and perform other similar actions. Its user data will be under reliable protection for all cases. Also, there is almost no chance that a virus or trojan can penetrate them. Hacking might only be possible in case of physical contact with the device. Thus, iPhone is capable of self-defense of its owners. Owners of Android-smartphones, on the contrary, are forced to protect their devices independently, using this experience, knowledge, and advice.


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