The new feature on Pinterest that has been in beta testing since February is all set to make a world wide roll out soon. It is a really very useful and valuable feature. Soon on every pinned image you will see a small circle at the bottom of the page. This button will show you six more posts similar to the post on which you have pressed the more like this button.

Your homepage on Pinterest is the newsfeed which say is a mix of posts from recipes, dresses and celebrities. So imagine you like a recipe of Tiramisu from your post and want to have more recipes of the same, in order to find the perfect or the easiest one to follow. So now there is no need to go to the search option and go through the search algorithm that will give you related pins. Once you press the more like this button, six more options will pop up within your feed. When you press is again six more will appear.

more like this button on pinterest

The good thing is that your newsfeed remains intact. Unlike the search option where the new result will either be in new tab or you will lose the newsfeed once the new search results are shown, here the previous status of the newsfeed will remain the same. And once you scroll down you can access the other posts in your newsfeed too.

This useful feature will let you explore a topic in detail, with minimum effort and much less hassle as compared to the search option. So the search option is no more needed in Pinterest unless you want to search something that is not in the newsfeed.

Now this idea of more like this option is quite good. Imagine if there was an option like this on Twitter where we could easily find out Tweets related to one hashtag.

What do you think about the more like this feature on Pinterest? Share your views by commenting below.


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