It seems April is going to be a very eventful month of the year. There is big media hype as Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus are releasing, there is Clips by Apple that has been making waves and now Google is sending out media invites all over for the date of April 18th, the date set for the unveiling and release of newer and improved version of in the form of new Google Earth.

What is new in the New Google Earth?

Although no details have been given but we are assuming that the new version will be based on improved virtual reality experience. In the previous version too, there was a virtual reality experience where Google had collaborated with VR Vive headsets but now it is expected it might extent the same VR functionality to its own headsets.

The invites that Google has sent out do not tell any details about what to expect, however people are hoping that the new Google Earth will let them have a walkthrough of the streets of the different world locations. The 3D walkthrough experience was something missing in the previous version of the Google Earth. This feature is very essential to complete the virtual reality experience for the users. If the new Google Earth succeeds in providing this experience in its full form and feel then it will be a breakthrough product and would be expected to sell like hot cakes.

Few days ago Google released Google Experiments on it official page where Google Speak to go, was unveiled which is something that provides the similar working as expected from Google Earth. However the experiments are Google’s VR works under the process of development. And Google Earth is a completed project that is stated to be showcased for general audience soon.

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Whatever the complete functionality of Google Earth be, we are very much excited about its launch and hope it makes it big. Share your views by commenting below.

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