OnePlus appears to collect user data, including the phone’s MAC address, mobile network name and serial number and other personal information. Subsequently, OnePlus officially responded, and said it was just done in order to strengthen after-sales service.

OnePlus Face Accusations

The British security researcher Chris Moore also mentioned that under normal circumstances the analysis of data will be anonymous, the identity of the individual or equipment data will be removed. However, on the contrary, the user information OnePlus collect includes IMEI encoding, MAC address, mobile network name, IMSI identifier, serial number and other information.OxygenOS, OnePlus proprietary version of Android, also collects data on how the phone is used. Even small details such as when people unlock the screen is also recorded!

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After the emergence of this news, OnePLus immediately issued a statement, they said the user information transmission is carried out through two ways. The first is for usage analytics for software improvements, and second is device information, which is collected for after-sales support. Users can switch off data collection by going to settings > Advanced > Deselect ‘join user experience program’. However, you can’t switch off the second stream.



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