How many times has it happened with you that you need something you need urgently on Amazon, only to end up buying it in desperation as Amazon delayed the delivery. Well, the Paribus app has a solution for you know.

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You need something. You order it on Amazon. Amazon screws up. You buy that thing from a store. Frustration and overexpenditure follows. Obviously, you can call Amazon and whine, however that requires some investment and more persistence than a most us will contribute. Paribus App is your saviour now. It has a new feature for automatic delivery monitoring and refund. The free Paribus site and application — which examines your email to search for receipts, checks for price drops on those things from retailers and afterward consequently documents a claim with the organization to get you the price contrast — has been around a couple of years.But, on Thursday, Paribus, which is owned by Capital One, is including another element that “automatically files a claim for users if their online orders from select retailers are delivered later than promised.” The delivery monitoring feature works this way: It checks your email for receipts, searches for guaranteed delivery dates and afterward tracks the order utilizing UPS or the retailer’s own tracking system. If it finds out that the delivery would be late, Paribus consequently records a claim with the retailer to get you remuneration. So what sort of pay may you be qualified for? Amazon says it will “provide a refund of any shipping fees associated with the order in question. Prime members may also be eligible for an extension of their membership” (this is a one-month extension). Also, numerous other bigretailers will discount all or some portion of the cost of transportation if an item is late getting to you. Some also offer some sort of store credit as a compensation. Paribus, which as of now has 1.5 million clients, profits on its price refund (it takes a quarter cut of the discount), yet is offering the delivery feature to clients at no cost. It has many retail partners including Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and Staples. Obviously, you can call a retailer yourself for a discount without utilizing Paribus, and the application does not cover all retailers. Furthermore, late delivery isn;t that common: According Paribus’ icase study, just around 4% of deliveries were late.  Apart from that, do not expect a refund on all deliveries that are delayed – refunds usually only apply to times when a retailer guaranteed to deliver you something on a particular date and failed to do so.

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Although only 4 % of the deliveries are late, according to Paribus, this feature is still very useful. It is very frustrating when you have to spend money twice for something.

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Do you use the Paribus app? Are you excited about this new feature? Share with us in the comments below!

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