Apple is not satisfied with the sales of the iPhone 8, and it wants to do something about it. Consumer demand for the iPhone 8 is not strong, and even some users are even returning their iPhone 8. Some consumers are regretting not waiting for iPhone 8.

iPhone 8

Well-known technology recycling site Decluttr said that in their recent recovery of mobile phones, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus phones also appeared. From all recovered mobile phones, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus accounted for 7%. Decluttr thinks that this situation is very rare. Usually, older mobile models are returned, not the newly launched ones.

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iPhone 8 sale have been unsatisfactory. Apple is also actively looking for ways to solve this problem. Before the iPhone 8 release, they will sell the 256GB version of iPhone 7. A recent internal document shows this practice of Apple is to stimulate the iPhone 8 sales.

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Currently, on the market, there is a certain inventory of 256GB version of the iPhone 7, but because Apple is no longer supplying it, the retailers do not have more inventory. Before this, the US operator Verizon hinted in an internal meeting that the iPhone 8 sales are not very good. Users would rather buy the large-capacity version of the iPhone 7 instead of iPhone 8. 



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