Protest to Change the CGPA System in NED University

Protest to save future - NED University

Many of you have probably heard about the protest at NEDUET regarding its GPA awarding standards. For those of you who haven’t, the whole issue was that NED University awarded grade points more strictly than other HEC-recognised institutions. This resulted in students getting lower grade points for percentages at which higher grade points would be awarded in other institutions.

Several NED students felt that their university was being too demanding of them and was putting their futures at risk by making them work extra hard to pass. At 60% marks, they were being awarded a grade point of 1.7, whereas other universities awarded 2.5. They demanded that NED University follow the grading system stipulated by HEC. This would allow some 30% of NED’s students to obtain their degree, which is not issued to those with a CGPA of less than 2.0.

After negotiations, an eventual protest and more negotiations, the university agreed to give degrees to the students who obtained a CGPA of over 2.0 after the marks conversion, but with an asterisk on their mark sheets which signified that these students had indeed passed on ‘grace marks.’ Naturally, this was unacceptable to the protesting students, and it is unclear whether they will make good on their plans to continue their protest.

I believe this protest will do little, if anything, to help students; rather, if NED agrees to the students’ demands, its academic standing will invariably suffer. Even though NED is not following the guidelines specified by the HEC (which is not just a highly substandard but also outdated and poorly managed organisation), it is this higher difficulty level in passing NED’s examinations that is the only difference between it and the other higher education institutions of Pakistan.

It is a rare case of when not following the rules is the better road to take – do NED students really want their institution to follow the same standards as those of other universities? If so (and please forgive my inner fascist here), why don’t they simply transfer to these other universities? They won’t, because NED’s reputation of being among the best engineering universities in Pakistan does not stem from its oldness or its size any more – it comes from its more stringent academic standards.

Gone are the days when NED graduates used to be prime candidates in the job market simply by virtue of their alma mater. Today, employers and universities offering Masters Programs want hard facts and figures when ascertaining the difference between NED graduates and those from other institutions, and before deciding whether an NED graduate is the best choice for them. And often enough, it is the fact that NED’s examinations are harder to pass, that a grade point of 3.5 in NED is often harder to earn than a 4.0 in the myriad other universities in Pakistan, which gives the NED graduate that edge among the competition. Isn’t this why students joined NED in the first place, gladly settling for admission in smaller departments in NED over admissions in larger ones in other universities?

And make no mistake, with its lax standards in curbing plagiarism, examination hall discipline, language skills and the often improvised and impractical nature of some of its courses, many consider academics in NED to be easier and of a poorer standard as compared to international (and some local) universities. Will removing the one academic standard NED has somehow maintained really empower its students?

Why do the protesting students think that a simple increase in their GPA (based on a technicality rather than an increase in their academic aptitude) will help them get better jobs, admissions in Masters Programs and increase the worth of their resumes? This increase does not reflect an increase in their capability, and so will hardly mean anything different to potential employers and those universities offering Masters and PhD Programs. It may sound harsh, but it was for the students to understand earlier that not working diligently and a subsequent low GPA does not bode well for them in a world of cutthroat competition. And while many will accuse me of being indifferent to the plight of those who are unable to graduate because of this system, and tell me that I would think differently had my own GPA been less than 2.0 and therefore my own degree was not being given to me, my position stands the same. The fact remains that many aspiring students were denied the seats in NED that are occupied today by the protesters, and would most certainly be willing to study harder and put more effort into returning the investment that this institution made in them.

What do you guys think about the protest?


  1. good one (y) though what i think is if NED shifts toward semester system from annual then they should adapt it completely with all the features of a semester system rather than just doing its own rules and implying it.

  2. NED UET should not compromise its standard, rather students should be encourage to work hard and they must be taken under confidence regarding the system, this hustle would promote a bad image of NED UET , and if however university compromised to do so, we will gonna lose another good system of education

  3. NEDUET has to maintain its stringent academic criteria and standards, The protestors should be notifies that once they Enrolled in University they enters into legally binding contract with the university which specifically states that University reserve the right to change the rules any time they wish. These protestors should work harder for the degree rather then cry about being treated unfairly. Also nothing in this World is Fair so get used to it.

  4. to to @op u a bit high or what?number one when u go out for masters with NED gp criteria and a low gp people out there never listen to you for what kinda cgpa grading NED have they just rank you for what teh score you have same goes for the market, long gone are those days when NED was at a position that strict cgpa etc etc its all over now. YOU ARE RANKED ON WHATS WRITTEN OVER UR GRADES! simple is that!

    1. @m bilal nawaz (when u go out for masters….people out there never listen to you for what kinda cgpa grading NED have) Yes they do. MIT for example asks for the exact grading system that NED uses (what each grade point means and what percentage it is given on). Try applying somewhere in the US before guessing on your own whether they ask or not.

      And do you seriously think a 4.0 GPA from the many “engineering universities” all over Karachi is equal to a 4.0 from NED (or other renowned institutions?) Cuz if so, then I’m not the one who’s high here.

      1. u r actually high on cocaine i guess….. how many students out of lets say 1500 passing every year apply for MIT or let alone MIT for abroad studies? may be 50 100 at the most 200?? what about the rest of 1300? they gonna stay in Pakistan they gonna apply for universities here and for that they require cgpa not grading system, uet lahore is much more prestigious and renown institute then NED or you doubt it too? they follow HEC and they ask for a minimum 3 cgpa just to be considered eligible for admission criteria,uet taxilla,peshawar list goes on…everywhere it is mentioned for ur cgpa not NED’s cgpa criteria!!HELL NO! okay that was for admission m.s etc lets come to the job market count the top consulted and contractor firms in Pak NESPAK,FWO,NLC etc they all hire people with higher cgpa they never ask for grading criteria,ever tried for commission in Forces of Pak? they ask and consider your gp they will hang up the phone the very second u tried telling them “NED CGPA CRITERIA………..” what about government sector jobs in Pak, overall cgpa. Ever saw a PSC form? there is a blank less than 2cm long to write ur cgpa not to tell “NED’s CGPA criteria”.
        lastly come on go out of karachi think about whole Pakistan all the universities of Pakistan not NED and karachi.Lastly if you really wanna come up with some serious competition and grading system follow what NUST is doing thats where the world is moving now the relative marking system. and if you think it was such a bad thing answer one thing NED was awarding degrees on percentage for so long what that means by your point of view is that they were awarding degrees to every tom,dick and herry admitted to NED???

      2. You say ‘when u go out for masters’ but you talk about doing masters in Pakistan. You talk about how very few people apply abroad, the majority applying locally and yet you don’t realise very few graduates are picked up by Nespak, NLC, FWO etc while the majority is hired by consultancies and firms that have a much more intelligent hiring strategy than just picking graduates with the top GPAs. I would answer every single one your questions if they made sense in the first place. If you have ever given a job interview in your life you will know just how much your GPA matters and how much what that GPA means and where you got that GPA from matters.

      3. bro tell me one thing…why the hell was ned following percentage system previously and was issuing degrees to students scoring marks lower than 60 percent??

        again u’ll come up with a stupid argument which’ll make no sense..2 blogs likh dene se bnda experienced ni hojata

      4. I don’t know. Hogi koi policy bhai, and I believe that it was a wrong policy. Why in the world am I now NED’s spokesman? I am just saying that deciding to change the CGPA awarding standards is not a good idea. Itni kyun tap rhi hai?!

      5. Ned adopted this gpa system just now and students want ned to adopt this policy completely with respect to hec.
        further more it will create difficulties for students who want to go abroad for masters, because when you apply abroad they see your cgpa and dont give a damn about your university.

  5. q k u’re problem is the competition u’re going to face…more engineers means tougher competition aur its eating u alive 😀 GPA criteria to bdlega e aur ap jese nerds ko tp lgni ha tb

    1. OMG I’m being EATEN ALIVE! Sure bro, whatever floats your boat. And if people like you are the ‘tougher competition’ I’ll have to face, I won’t worry about a thing.

  6. what i really believe is that the student are trying to convince the management to soften the terms a little bit. because in annual system, different years have different weight-age and final year having 40% weightage really matters. i have the opportunity to study in both the system, since the semester system was introduce in 2nd yr and consider the weightage system as a blessing. because in the initial 2 yrs students are not that serious and when they realize the importance of good grades and gpa, final yr had come.
    it is a fact that gpa do matters at an extent. no one wants to give a second look to a c.v that indicates less than 2 cgpa. at least the weight-age system should be applied to the semester system if not lowering the passing scores.

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