We all have deleted important files from our Android smartphones and tablets at some point in time. No matter which device you use, recovering deleted files on Android is possible. By following some tips and tricks, you can recover and restore everything. You need a lot of patience for this and you must panic. Whether you have a Samsung, Sony, LG, OnePlus, Huawei, or Google device, recovering deleted files on Android is possible.

Recovering Deleted Files On Android

Before you begin recovering deleted files on Android, it is recommended that to avoid saving pictures, videos, and other files while you are recovering other files. Saving some files while recovering other files can complicate the whole process so it is recommended you avoid doing so. Before you start recovering deleted files on Android, it is recommended to back up the data that you currently have on your Android device. It is always a good idea to back up everything to avoid further damage.

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Dr. Fone

The first thing you can use is the Android recovery software from Wondershare. It is a complete software. However, there is a downside: this program isn’t free. However, the trial version can be downloaded for free but it will just scan your Android device and find the deleted files, it will not recover them. For files recovery, you will need to purchase the license.

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It is a good idea to check if the software can find the deleted files before buying the program. The price of the software is 60 Euros. If you download the trial version and test it, it will not cost you anything. To download, go to this address. download the correctversion of the software (macOS and Windows). After downloading the program on your computer, you will get this screen:

recovering deleted files on android

Since you want to recover your files, click on ‘Recovery’. The next window will ask you to connect your device to your computer, using a USB cable. Make sure you have activated the USB debugging mode. It is present in the developer setting. Dr.fone has a tutorial which explains how this is done. You will be able to proceed once your device is detected. Otherwise, you can check the connection setting. Select the icon in the drop-down menu of notification and ensure it is on MTP/PTP data transfer.

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The program will ask you which kind of data you want to recover. It could be messages, calls, contacts, audio, gallery, documents, and videos. Select the appropriate category and proceed.

recovering deleted files on android

When a few minutes have passed, you will see something like this:

dr fone recovering deleted android files

Now, select whatever you want to recover and click ‘Recover’. However, you will need to buy the software at this stage. Otherwise, you will not be able to recover your deleted files. If you do not want to spend money to recover your lost files, we have another option for you.

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If you do not want to pay money to recover your mistakingly deleted files, you can use the PC program Piriform’s Recuva. The PRO version is available for 19.95 Euros but there is also a free version. Recuva can only be used on Windows computers, so using Recuva is not an option for Apple users.

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Download Recuva. Connect your Android device to your computer using the USB cable. Make sure it is correctly detected. Make sure you have activated the USB debugging mode. It is present in the developer setting. Select the icon in the drop-down menu of notification and ensure it is on MTP/PTP data transfer.

recovering deleted android files

Strat the program and do configuration. Select the kind of file you want to recover: videos, pictures, documents etc. Scan your Android device.


After that, select the files you want to restore. You might get a preview too. Press the appropriate button to proceed to recovery. If you have followed all the instructions correctly, you will be able to recover your deleted files at this point. To be on the safe side, copy the files to your computer first and then transfer them to your phone.

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Recovering Data Via Android App

Some Android applications are also available which will let you recover your deleted files on Android. However, root permissions are required for this. One option is Undeleter Recover Files & Data. You can download it for free from the Play Store. If you do not have the root permission, the app will only be able to analyze the app cache for images. After you have downloaded the app on your Android device, check the presence of the root and choose the memory to analyze (external.MicroSD or internal). The app may take several minutes for scanning.

undeleter android

Once the scan and the analysis are done, the screen will show some tabs that have divided the content according to categories (videos, images, etc). At this point, you can decide what you want to recover.



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