According to the latest report from CIRP Android is performing far better in the market as compared to iOS. The never ending Team Android vs Team iOS battle has some new insights. There has been increase in the activation of Android based devices as compared to iOS based devices. Android accounted for 68 percent of the market share and iOS has a 31 percent of market share. The interesting fact here is that last year Android had a 62 percent market share and iOS had 31 percent of the market share.

Team Android vs team iOS

So from these numbers we can safely conclude although iOS and Android are leading the world market share of mobile phone devices by far, within these two Android is the clear winner. In fact not only that Android is the winner but also that in the battle of team android vs team iOS the following of team android is gradually but consistently increasing thus making Team iOS at a disadvantage.

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Now that the new flagship from Apple is about to be released soon, (probably in November) we can look forward to a jump in the share of Apple iOS devices and the team android vs team iOS fight might become a bit more interesting. Right now Android is a clear winner. Here is an interesting article that will show what is the reason behind clear dominance of Android over iOS.

10 Reasons Why Android Users Don’t Want To Switch To iOS

Until the release of the much anticipated new iPhone the statistics are going to remain more or less the same and the new iPhone must be revolutionary and groundbreaking in order to overtake Android devices completely. Well the leaks do promise a great new device with some cutting edge features. Let us wait and see how many of them will be in the phone. Until then Android users can be happy and satisfied knowing what they own is the market leader.

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