Tinder has been running a secret service and it has been almost six months now but it has gone unnoticed. The Tinder Select is the newest version of Tinder. It is also quite like Tinder with one small difference. Only the elite and really beautiful, handsome and relatively famous people can use it. The original remained unchanged by this feature.

Tinder is the website that has been providing solution to the dating issues for the people all around the globe. It uses swipe left or swipe right options and finds the best match for you from among the people from your area. Tinder is among the top of highly ranked apps and is considered as the no one dating app.

Tinder select

Everyone wanted to use Tinder, the beautiful and the ugly, rich and poor. Before the news about tinder select had been released, we thought everyone was compared and paired on equal grounds, however new Tinder app changes everything.

No matter how objective and non-judgmental we try to be, there were some people on Tinder that were too good, having good looks, money and everything else. So tinder has decided to create the special version of its App called Tinder Select. Tinder select can also be termed as the celebrity dating version of normal Tinder.

If you are reaching for your smartphone to download the new Tinder App, wait a moment. This app is not open for everyone. It is an invitation only app.  Every member can invite only one other member. There is a voting system also. In which people can nominate a person for the inclusion of a person to Tinder Select. However people who have been nominated do not have the power to invite in other members to Tinder Select. According to the reports, right now there are models as well as CEO s on the new Tinder App.

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So would you like to be on Tinder Select? Share your views about Tinder by commenting below.

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