In a suburb of Pakenham, Melbourne, the residents have reported that unmarked USB sticks were posted in the letterboxes. These USB sticks containing harmful virus are being posted in Australian homes, the police of Victoria have warned.

The University of Illinois researched and concluded that nearly 300 USB sticks were dropped around the campus. The effect of these USB sticks infected a large number of computers and its estimated success rate is between 45% and 98%, the study proofed. Cybersecurity specialists have referred to such proficiency as “critically flawed”.

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Andrew Tierney, advisor at Cyber-security stated: “Nevertheless, it is nonetheless a typical type of attacking companies, the place the positive aspects are a lot better”.

The police said that those who plugged in these USB sticks experienced “fraudulent media streaming services offers, as well as other malware”.

The gadgets are extraordinarily dangerous and transmit harmful malware to our computer systems. Therefore the police of Australia have urged the public to avoid plugging them into PCs or any other devices.



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