According to reports, Buffett’s impact on the stock market can be described as huge, if he sells a company’s stock, it will become the focus of many people. Recently, Buffett sold about one-third of IBM’s stock. However, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty said in an interview, she is not worried about the stock was sold.

Warren Buffet Sells IBM Shares

When participating in the “Mad Money” television program, Rometty has mentioned that it is possible for a technology company to be in such a competitive environment. Especially for the open stock market, any move is very normal. Previously, Buffett had said that he did not like IBM, and also lowered the valuation of IBM. Buffett said in an interview that in May when IBM’s share price was more than 180 US dollars, the Berkshire Hathaway company began to sell a reasonable number of stocks. IBM shares were at $ 159.05 on Thursday when the NYSE closed, so their decision was correct. As of the end of 2016, Berkshire Hathaway holds about 81 million shares of IBM stock.

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While selling IBM shares at the same time, Buffett is clearly more optimistic about the future development of Apple. Berkshire Hathaway in the fourth quarter of last year did a large-scale purchase of Apple stocks, holdings to 5740 shares, the total value reached 7.7 billion US dollars.

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