The Windows 10 creator’s update for the fall is about to hit the stores in a couple of months. The tentative date for the upcoming creator’s update is slated to be mid of September. The users of Windows 10 are once again looking for an update packed with a lot of new features and may be a couple of fun new apps too.

Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft today has released the Windows 10 build 16237. This step is prior to the release of the creator’s update. In this bug fix addition the main bug that is going to be fixed is the screen DPI zoom option. Now you update your version of Windows 10 and get this issue and a couple of other things resolved too.

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This new edition of the creator’s update is fifth version of Windows 10 since its release in the year 2015. The creator’s update are the major upgrades of the Windows 10. They always fix up the major bugs that are pending in the Windows 10.

The last Creator’s update paved way for major upgrades that were later on linked to the upcoming Augmented reality and virtual reality apps that can be worked up on. It is expected that in the Next Windows OS which will be Windows 11, (it might not be called that) there will be major features related to the field of Augmented reality as well as the field of virtual reality. There is also going to be the incorporation of HoloLens apps in it. Creator’s update is a small step towards that.

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So what are your expectations for the upcoming new Creator’s update and more importantly, what are the features that you would like to see in the new Windows OS? Does extreme Augmented reality interest you? Let us know by commenting below.


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